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Dwarf Fortress
No Man's Sky
Eve Online

These are all sandbox, open world type games which maybe is the opposite of a directed tale with a good story, but I like to make up my story as I go.

As far as an actual story, Star Wars the Old Republic is a pretty classic theme park type adventure with a strong overall storyline.

Lord of the Rings Online has a lot of story content, though you are free to ignore it and just run around Middle-Earth if it pleases you.

Ok, serious question here. What are some of the best indie games you know? I'm looking for atmosphere, and a good story. Boosts ok :)

Bad news: my morning pair programming session got cancelled. I was so looking forward to it all week :(

Good news: David Koch died.

The more I play with Gatsby :gatsby: the more I enjoy it. I even almost understand GraphQL :graphql:!

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What I want my AI to do:
– answer "Do you want to save your changes?" dialogs
– remind me to return to the stove before my hot milk spills everywhere
– tell me how to improve my skills
– inform me about nerdy stuff
– delete my spam mails

What AI really does:
– fly unmanned fighter drones
– try to sell me products and services
– delete my favorite music videos from YouTube
– data mining
– tell me about taking arrows to the knee

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There's someone's pet turtle in a cardboard box by the dumpster what the fuck do I do?

Boosts and answers wanted...

A huge downside of working with a large corporate infrastructure is that it moves so slowly. I mean, it's really fast by enterprise standards here, but it's been days since I requested permissions to a system I need to work with, and it's still unclear when I'll be able to get my hands on it (if ever, really; I could get a rejection after all)

Last week's coding livestream was a fiasco. I couldn't make my :gatsby: tests work, no matter what I tried. And you know what? Gatsby offers pair programming sessions with team members, and this Friday at 8 am I'm pairing with one of them to resolve this. How awesome is that?!! :))

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We should stop calling homo- and transphobias phobias. These, in fact, are not phobias - uncontrolled, irrational, all-consuming fear of something. Phobia is when you pass out in an elevator because it's such a small space and you can't breath. Phobia is when you get all sweaty and can't think straight when you see a spider. Those with "homophobia" don't have a fear of gay people. What they have is hate, and we should call it what it is: homohate and transhate.

I'm still a bit conflicted about running my own instance for @rosnovsky.

First, it takes effort to keep it up to date. It runs on its own in my garage, but backups, updates, all the @isolategab stuff...

Second, federation. I managed to make my Home timeline packed, and my federated view is nice as well, but I still feel like I'm talking to myself here.

Finally, I'm personally searchable. Not that I'm hiding, but I'd prefer this to be an alter-ego, not an extension of my other online selves.

Nice touch from Dell packaging: this is the only plastic bit (aside from plastic wrapping) in a box with a laptop, and it’s 100% recycled + 1/4 of the plastic sourced from oceans ♻️

So, first day with :linux: been interesting. Apparently, for :csharp: to serve web requests even locally, some weird SSL signing thing needs to be done, and it’s been unclear af. Also, surprisingly, :firefox: is super unstable on :ubuntu:, who would’ve thought?! Making HiDPI work somewhat consistently is also a struggle. But I haven’t been so excited about a computer (hell, about any price of tech!) since my first Mac in 2005. Customization is just phenomenal!

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