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In honor of now CWing shit that you really shouldn't need sheltering from, just a reminder that the Duwamish tribe, the original tribe in the Seattle area, still isn't federally recognized, they receive no assistance at all from the federal government. No land, nothing, despite still living in Seattle, and especially tending to live in areas of Seattle that have been industrialized & terribly polluted. The Duwamish river's still a superfund site. This shit is happening right here and now.

Still pinching myself every now and again just to make sure I’m not dreaming :auth0:

These past three days were so packed with information and education, I can’t keep my eyes open as soon as I get home 😴

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The Most Frequently Asked Question about prison abolition 

Just watched "Hail Satan?" (Documentary, 2019) and enjoyed the movie a lot. For those interested, it's free on Hulu and available for rent and purchase everywhere else.

"A hostage killed by police was helping out a colleague, brother says"

There, CNN. Fixed it for you.

Is it customary for recruiters to never reply to a "offer declining" email from the candidate? I mean, we all have been ghosted by recruiters, but to ghost candidates after successful interviews, extending them offer,s getting a polite and thoughtful "Thanks, but no thanks" and then ghost them... Sure, you're done with the person, they are no longer a candidate But common courtesy? Perhaps, I just want too much from recruiting ilk. Still. Come on, I did let you know not to expect me to sigh it

I’m starting new job on Monday, and I literally can’t wait. I solemnly affirm that I have never been so excited about a job in my life, and I’ve never looked forward to a Monday so much either.

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This is the riches country in the world. I can't express how fucked up this is.

Second offer. Accepted, starting on Dec 9. So excited!

To be honest, it’s much better than I expected

1 offer in hand, one pending. Not too bad.

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