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No distractions: An NFL veteran opens up on his sexuality

“Whatever I was to you before this letter, I'm still that now. We just know each other a little better.”

Beautiful column that’s worth reading.

🚨 Too many “things” per toot!! ⚠️

But then again... I’ve just switched from Mac to Linux a few weeks ago, and no one noticed. Maybe people just don’t care?... anyway, I’ve discovered and learned so much in the past month or so, and I’m getting so much better at so many things, I consider this switching thing to be one of the most impactful things in my professional life this year

If I tell anyone I know in the real world, that I’m considering switching from an iPhone to not even Android but straight Linux (or at least LinageOS kind of Android), they would probably call paramedics. And the cops, just to be safe :)

@saneashouses was staring at your 4am toot last night and was trying to come up with something to say beyond "O Captain! My Captain!" and couldn't. Just want you to know, I sooo feel you on this, although I don't think I'm capable of crying any more :(

How does one explain to rich people that poor people exist? How does one explain to them that poor people shouldn't be punished for being poor? How does one explain that removing or limiting ways for poor people to advance (e.g. public education, public transit, affordable housing, etc) doesn't help them "pull themselves up by their bootstraps", but only makes them more poor, more hopeless, and more angry?.. How does one explain, that people deserve dignity just because they exist? :((

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A lot of my followers are cis and into software privacy/FOSS so I just want to make it crystal clear that a software dev placing limitations on its use for fascist behaviour is good and not in any way against free software, because a fundamental responsibility of the free-as-in-libre ethos is to *protect & help the oppressed*, and that is itself *in direct opposition to fascism*.

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And as I said on more than one occasion, homophobia is not really a phobia. No one is experiencing uncontrollable animal fear of gay people. "Homophobes" aren't scared. They are hateful because of nasty rot in their hearts.

“Hateful rhetoric has no place in the React community. That includes misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and white supremacy. “

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hey, I need to get a new phone for my 87 years old grandma. recommend me really REALLY easy dumbphones for her. no smartphones whatsoever. the current one I own keeps turning itself off sometimes which makes us lose contact with her which is unacceptable and really dangerous

It's pretty cool, though: within the next few months, we'll have a choice of new ethical/Linux phones like never before. @PINE64's PinePhone (Linux, affordable), @Fairphone's Fairphone (Ethical, Android, pricey) and @purism's Librem 5 (Linux, privacy-first, pricey).

Ok, something’s up. Looks like a bunch of my toots were stuck in some local limbo on my server. They were showing for me, but not for others. Now that I’ve restarted the server and the instance, they all got out at once. Sorry if I just hit you with 3-year-old toot or reply! :/ I’m still learning the ropes :))

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Holding on firmly to the belief that fediverse nodes that automatically mirror Twitter are unethical

One of these posts is from the artist's account on the fediverse, the other is an unauthorized Twitter mirror

It's hurting fediverse users by diluting search results with GARBAGE

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It is fucked up that 2010 was almost 10 years ago imo

Y'all mast be wondering, where have I been all day?! Not a toot for the last 4 hours! Well, my friends, my server died on me. Latest Debian :debian: kernel doesn't play nicely with my old Dell R620. Debugged the hell out of it, figured it out, and downgraded. All is good now, but boy did I miss you! :))

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Dwarf Fortress
No Man's Sky
Eve Online

These are all sandbox, open world type games which maybe is the opposite of a directed tale with a good story, but I like to make up my story as I go.

As far as an actual story, Star Wars the Old Republic is a pretty classic theme park type adventure with a strong overall storyline.

Lord of the Rings Online has a lot of story content, though you are free to ignore it and just run around Middle-Earth if it pleases you.

Ok, serious question here. What are some of the best indie games you know? I'm looking for atmosphere, and a good story. Boosts ok :)

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