new laptop 

new laptop 

If you think about, it's so weird that there are wild horses

Just really needed to toot. There. Much better now.

I'm sooo impressed by @pixelfed progress and @dansup relentless push of the project so far beyond what a "better instagram" might be. I strongly believe, that aside from a smaller user base, Pixelfed is not a mere replacement for instagram, it's a much better instagram in almost every respect. Moving forward, it is my photo sharing app of choice. Feel free to follow me at @rosnovsky or just check it out at

There are two types of people, who grew up in big cities: those who hate big cities, and those who can't imagine living in a small town. I'm the first type. I have this weird fascination with small towns. I find a lot of them to be cute, and adorable, and cozy, and just overall lovely (some more then others.) I love walking along a few "downtown" streets, peeking into old bookstores, and stop at random grill bars or coffee shops... It brings me comfort and peace.

Almost made matrix federation work. Ugh, nothing is simple about any of this

@bill could you try camera app? It used to double as a QR-code scanner

Disregard this, I've made it work :)

@projectmoon Thing is, the docker one runs behind reverse proxy with Let's Encrypt, and I'm not sure where the keys are (ignore that it says, it gives same results with actual domain)

@projectmoon So, I've tried both docker (behind reverse proxy) and bare metal, both home server and Linode. They both yell at me about different things: docker looks for .key file I don't have (and I think I disabled it in homeserver.yaml, since I can't figure out what it is and how to get it), while bare metal refuses to connect (?), which at the end of the day is probably the same issue :/

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