@dansup now you’ve got a bunch of paperrings and keyclips :)

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There's someone's pet turtle in a cardboard box by the dumpster what the fuck do I do?

Boosts and answers wanted...

A huge downside of working with a large corporate infrastructure is that it moves so slowly. I mean, it's really fast by enterprise standards here, but it's been days since I requested permissions to a system I need to work with, and it's still unclear when I'll be able to get my hands on it (if ever, really; I could get a rejection after all)

@benjancewicz Theory: chemtrails are created by governments to reroute birds!

Also: Aliens!

@matt Let's say, cost is not an issue (they find to way to bring it down, or something). Would you consider it or is there still something about the phone itself? I'm conflicted as well, it's way to pricey. However, if it's the only issue, I think, they will overcome it given time and community support

Last week's coding livestream was a fiasco. I couldn't make my :gatsby: tests work, no matter what I tried. And you know what? Gatsby offers pair programming sessions with team members, and this Friday at 8 am I'm pairing with one of them to resolve this. How awesome is that?!! :))

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We should stop calling homo- and transphobias phobias. These, in fact, are not phobias - uncontrolled, irrational, all-consuming fear of something. Phobia is when you pass out in an elevator because it's such a small space and you can't breath. Phobia is when you get all sweaty and can't think straight when you see a spider. Those with "homophobia" don't have a fear of gay people. What they have is hate, and we should call it what it is: homohate and transhate.

I'm still a bit conflicted about running my own instance for @rosnovsky.

First, it takes effort to keep it up to date. It runs on its own in my garage, but backups, updates, all the @isolategab stuff...

Second, federation. I managed to make my Home timeline packed, and my federated view is nice as well, but I still feel like I'm talking to myself here.

Finally, I'm personally searchable. Not that I'm hiding, but I'd prefer this to be an alter-ego, not an extension of my other online selves.

Nice touch from Dell packaging: this is the only plastic bit (aside from plastic wrapping) in a box with a laptop, and it’s 100% recycled + 1/4 of the plastic sourced from oceans ♻️

So, first day with :linux: been interesting. Apparently, for :csharp: to serve web requests even locally, some weird SSL signing thing needs to be done, and it’s been unclear af. Also, surprisingly, :firefox: is super unstable on :ubuntu:, who would’ve thought?! Making HiDPI work somewhat consistently is also a struggle. But I haven’t been so excited about a computer (hell, about any price of tech!) since my first Mac in 2005. Customization is just phenomenal!

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