Pretty cool. You can follow my right here, on , just add @rosnovsky! Isn’t it amazing? Not only these are two different servers, they also are different _services_, yet with federation nothing is impossible!

Hey @Gargron! Quick question. When there's a link with a preview in a toot (e.g., does the preview cache server-side somewhere or do instances hit the server every time someone sees a toot with this preview? I'm seeing very unusual spikes in site visits after I post to . Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, just trying to figure this out :)

Feeling sentimental, really. In just a month on , y'all helped me rediscover the internet. This little corner of the web, this kinky, weird, compassionate and such a diverse space, where people are open, and loud, and so smart! And I want to say thanks for this to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart. And a special thanks to @Gargron: I hope you realize how much good you brought into this world, and how many people found meaningful connections and true home here!

I guess, it's a form of PTSD: before I click on any link on , I instinctively contemplate the implications for a moment. Will I now see more posts like this? Will this go into my permanent profile and follow me all over the internet? Who will get a signal that I clicked?

But then I remember and feel relieved. Every time.

Also, what's the deal with eye contact being hidden behind CW on ? Can someone explain?

This is where my lives... this is where I look into from. My first server, R620 with 9 🔥


I’m on fire 🔥 First, successfully setup with , now added . Next order of business — @pixelfed (got some issues with docker, nothing I can’t resolve over a weekend)

I’ve also got a going on and will be replacing my community Slack with it soon (I expect community to revolt at first, but hey, nobody likes change, right?)

Pretty proud of myself for setting up and launching my own instance. I've joined @tek but there's nothing like your own place. Now to improve Federated timeline. Whom do I follow?