It’s been a pretty chill week. A few interviews (likely leading nowhere), wins (I’ve got everything working, including touchpad multitouch gestures). Son singing songs in Mandarin after just three days in high school, and we just watched 2 episodes of Highlander (1992). Oh, I also finished season 3 of Mr. Robot, and can’t wait for the final season in October!

So, first day with :linux: been interesting. Apparently, for :csharp: to serve web requests even locally, some weird SSL signing thing needs to be done, and it’s been unclear af. Also, surprisingly, :firefox: is super unstable on :ubuntu:, who would’ve thought?! Making HiDPI work somewhat consistently is also a struggle. But I haven’t been so excited about a computer (hell, about any price of tech!) since my first Mac in 2005. Customization is just phenomenal!

Pulled the plug on transition from to , ordered the new XPS 15. Wish me luck, I guess.

Today is going to be dedicated to mastering styled-components, Grid, and selecting the best laptop to switch to from a . But first coffee ☕

From your experience, what's the best laptop out there? What to look for? Does desktop require a lot of memory and/or a fast CPU? Any pointers?

Should I switch from to ?

I mostly do web dev, some audio editing (on an lately), and I truly, deeply, with all my heart hate my 2016 's keyboard (replaced it once already, due for the second replacement), stupid touchbar, lack of USB-A and no SD-card reader. It's also slow as shit, and holds battery for, like 2,5 hours tops.

Question is, should I wait a few years and keep struggling with the old known evil, or switch to a superior hardware and a new, evil?..