I've been struggling with @pixelfed setup on my server with Docker, and finally after over a week, it's up!

photo.rosnovsky.us :pixelfed:

The issue was with Redis (not sure what specifically, will investigate later), and cutting it off resolved 419 problem.

Now. How do I fill my "local" timeline with other people's photos? In other words, how do I remote-subscribe and discover new people to follow?

Hey there, I'm Art, a and a producer from Seattle greater area. I used to be a journalist, a host and an editor on national .

I β™₯ Pacific Northwest. I enjoy , , the coast, ferries, road trips, and would getaway to British Columbia every chance I've got.

I do , occasionally, I follow people from all over the out of the blue. Visible LGBTQ+ ally, supporter, curios. 2x , :)

This is where my lives... this is where I look into from. My first server, R620 with 9 πŸ”₯