Nice touch from Dell packaging: this is the only plastic bit (aside from plastic wrapping) in a box with a laptop, and it’s 100% recycled + 1/4 of the plastic sourced from oceans ♻️

This dorky does this all the time! Why is she doing this?! It looks so uncomfortable!

This is where my lives... this is where I look into from. My first server, R620 with 9 🔥

It’s been a long day, but even then, a round trip to Portland is always treat. Also, happy to have my little wilderness camper back home safe and happy 🙃

Working from home today. Chill tunes in surround sound, great coffee, sleepy cats, overcast...

For no apparent reason, my server’s NetData decided to measure network traffic in terabits per second. I mean, it’s not wrong, and 0.0000002 terabits/s is probably the exact bitrate at the moment, but still... why?

(It’s back to normal btw)

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