There are two types of people, who grew up in big cities: those who hate big cities, and those who can't imagine living in a small town. I'm the first type. I have this weird fascination with small towns. I find a lot of them to be cute, and adorable, and cozy, and just overall lovely (some more then others.) I love walking along a few "downtown" streets, peeking into old bookstores, and stop at random grill bars or coffee shops... It brings me comfort and peace.

Yesterday was the last day of my contract at Microsoft :microsoft:. It was certainly a journey. Off to the next one (eventually)

relationship goals 

Local plastic bag ban in effect next week! This gives me hope. It’s not a huge locality, it’s in a mostly red county (of a very blue state, I’ll give you that), still. It feels like a step forward.

Looks like I’m the only one on strike, taking a bus instead of a car to run today’s errands :/

Nice JAMstack meetup. Thanks :gatsby: for food and swag. Speakers were concentrated on images, specifically, transformations/preloading, and making whatever images you already have more accessible using Gatsby. Very cool!

I'm not sure if there are many 🏈 fans here, but I'm so happy that football is back! GO :seahawks:

/#spacemacs experts, I need your help :/ I've been struggling a lot with making :emacs: usable for web dev. I'm trying to have this sidebar with project files, but apparently I'm lacking the vocabulary to properly look it up on the web :( Any pointers?

Conquered :manjaro: Super proud. It required some figuring out (wifi card drivers, kernels and such), but here we are. Also, it is visibly MUCH snappier than :ubuntu: It also uses 3x less memory when idle. I'm so very impressed! Oh, and :kde: Plasma! Oh my! :))

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