@rosnovsky I envy you! I'm still searching for "my people" to work with.

@isagalaev it feels like I just won a lottery or something ;) also... we are hiring! ;))

@rosnovsky I looked at the opened positions and only found one where I might feel more or less in my place. I might knock on the door in January, depending on other things :-)

By the way, what exactly a Developer Support Engineer does?

@isagalaev sure, no pressure, and feel free to hit me up whenever you feel like it :) it doesn’t hurt to talk, am I right?

DSE is, generally speaking, tech support for developers. Debugging, writing proof of concept apps, collecting and analyzing feedback, deescalating issues, and much more.

But what I personally love about the spirit within the company — you’re free to improve and explore whatever you desire. I’ve already had one of my PRs merged to master, and have big plans moving forward!

@rosnovsky has anyone told you you're good at sales too? :-) At least to developers :-)


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