I think I'll a long post about my latest failure and how much I learned through it. I promise you, as soon as things slow down a bit. And I promise you it's gonna be good.

@rosnovsky I'd be happy to read it whenever you end up publishing it. We learn a lot by failing, and it only helps us get better, provided one keeps a positive attitude!

@greyor usually, I'd just go into a depressive spiral after such a monumental fail (I was invited for an on-site and given a fairly simple and cool take-home coding challenge, that I was supposed solve and bring solution with me to the onsite; I managed to fail this test so miserably, that I canceled the interview). This time, though, I'm still processing and organizing all the things I've learned, and it changes everything. I _cannot_ consider this anything other then a great set of lessons.

@rosnovsky I can sympathize, although I haven't had that particular experience myself. Sorry to hear it didn't go well, but yes indeed, I think as long as you learn from it and move upward and onward, you'll be just fine.

πάθει μάθος (pathei mathos), "learning by means of experience/suffering."

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