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Hey there, I'm Art, a and a producer from Seattle greater area. I used to be a journalist, a host and an editor on national .

I ♥ Pacific Northwest. I enjoy , , the coast, ferries, road trips, and would getaway to British Columbia every chance I've got.

I do , occasionally, I follow people from all over the out of the blue. Visible LGBTQ+ ally, supporter, curios. 2x , :)

I really like that this look is now completely socially acceptable. I'm also happy to see 7 out of 10 people wearing masks in public 😍😷

It is critically important that you participate in US Census 2020. Please, I promise you, it takes literally 2 minutes start to finish, with the most basic questions you can imagine

State of the Union: "Due to national shortage of toilet paper and to support all customers, please limit 1 each per customer"

Also, separate the layers and reuse. Don’t forget, each sheet has two sides!

What's up, fediverse? I left in January, just got back. Did I miss anything?


Now that I have your attention. I haven’t abandoned you, I just have no time for anything :( I enjoy this a lot, but for now it just doesn’t leave me much time for checking in :/

Anyway, SEND TOOTS! 😎

Happy New Year, folks! 🎉

Let 2020 be your best year so far! 🍾

If you ever wondered what it's like to be bipolar, wonder no more

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