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Hey there, I'm Art, a and a producer from Seattle greater area. I used to be a journalist, a host and an editor on national .

I ♥ Pacific Northwest. I enjoy , , the coast, ferries, road trips, and would getaway to British Columbia every chance I've got.

I do , occasionally, I follow people from all over the out of the blue. Visible LGBTQ+ ally, supporter, curios. 2x , :)

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The Most Frequently Asked Question about prison abolition 

Just watched "Hail Satan?" (Documentary, 2019) and enjoyed the movie a lot. For those interested, it's free on Hulu and available for rent and purchase everywhere else.

"A hostage killed by police was helping out a colleague, brother says"

There, CNN. Fixed it for you.

Is it customary for recruiters to never reply to a "offer declining" email from the candidate? I mean, we all have been ghosted by recruiters, but to ghost candidates after successful interviews, extending them offer,s getting a polite and thoughtful "Thanks, but no thanks" and then ghost them... Sure, you're done with the person, they are no longer a candidate But common courtesy? Perhaps, I just want too much from recruiting ilk. Still. Come on, I did let you know not to expect me to sigh it

I’m starting new job on Monday, and I literally can’t wait. I solemnly affirm that I have never been so excited about a job in my life, and I’ve never looked forward to a Monday so much either.

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This is the riches country in the world. I can't express how fucked up this is.

Second offer. Accepted, starting on Dec 9. So excited!

To be honest, it’s much better than I expected

1 offer in hand, one pending. Not too bad.

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Stop👏Using👏FACEBOOK: "Donald Trump had undisclosed dinner with Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel at White House, Facebook confirms"

TIL that there's a federated package registry project: 🔥🔥🔥

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a beautiful poster from one of sister’s students dads who is a community organizer in the outer mission in sf.

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